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Build a Poker Table

Table Building Overview

PCPOTATO is the original “Build your own Poker Table” and “Step by Step Instructions” website! The PCPOTATO Poker Section was the first web site to bring you step by step detailed instructions, plans and photographs on how to build a Texas Hold'em poker table. I created the content in late 2002 / early 2003. When I started the project and published the website it took off like wildfire. Since its inception, it has received (literally) millions of visitors. In the first year, the site was getting 10,000 plus hits / month. In the following months and years, that number had increased upwards of 100K / month. Since then, the poker craze has dropped off but traffic to the site, my interest in poker, building tables, and other poker related projects has remained strong.

Since the creation of the site, a lot has changed and I've continued building tables for friends, family, casinos and card rooms. There has also been an explosion of the resources available on the Internet since I started the site in 2003. Many of which are also great resources and will be linked from my site. I encourage you to visit them. If it's online poker you're looking for, check out these casinos and card rooms.

As of early 2008, the site is going though (yet) another face lift as it has in the past to stay current with the trends of people building tables, different materials, new building methods, and so on. You will see other updates made throughout the site as well, so use it as a living resource and visit the gallery which continues to grow. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.


Project History and Pre-Planning

Pre-Planning and History, Initial Design Ideas, Options, Research, etc. The history of my initial planning, research and building of my first table.  This section is some history, overview information, etc. Read it if you want the "executive summary" on how to build a poker table.


Poker Table Plans

Poker Table Plans, Drawings, and Diagrams. Based on the basic Texas Hold'em Oval table design, these are the plans for the first table I built. Along with my poker table table plans are diagrams and drawings from many other people who sent me their plans. This should be enough to get one started with a standard table, racetrack, with / without cup holders, oval, octagon, etc. 

Poker Table Materials

Knowing what to buy, where to buy, online or local can save a lot of time, and money. When I built my first table, finding the right materials for the project was 90% of the job. Finding the supplies, thfe right supplies. I know where to get wood, screws, and glue, but where to find stainless steel cup holders or custom poker cloth can be a daunting task. Once I found what I needed, the assembly was the fun part. Since then, and having built many tables over the past few years, I've updated this list with suppliers that I have either personally purchased supplies from, or have heard positive feedback from others whom have purchased supplies from.  


Poker Table Base

Building the base or play surface of your table is pretty basic. Essentially what you are looking to end up with is the starting point in which the foam, felt and rail will sit on. I chose the standard oval shaped, which is more common in card rooms and casinos. You can make your base just about any size you wish, depending on your needs, available space, and preference. You want something wide enough that there is room for the cards, chips, pot, etc. but not so narrow that you are touching each other. Typical overall width for a table is 42" to 44".


Poker Table Rail

To build the rail for your poker table, you will need one of the two sheets of ply wood which were part of the material list. I started with an 8' table, so I was not able to cut my rail out of one single piece of ply wood unless I either had 9' ply wood, which has it's pros and cons to it either way*. I needed to create it in sections, to have the proper length for my table size. I started with putting my table down on the piece of ply wood to trace the outside edge as a starting point. and measured 2 inches out from that line, and then 2 inches in from that line to have a 4" wide rail (minus padding).


The Padded Rail

The padded rail is, simply put, the most important part of a poker table. It makes or breaks it. You can have the nicest custom cloth, casino style pedestal legs with the chrome foot rail, custom chips, all the bells and whistles, and if you don't have a nice rail, nothing else matters. It's one of the first things you see and if there are flaws in it, your attention will be drawn to them. So, take your time, be patient, and you will love the results of a well built rail.

I learned a lot on the first rail I did, most of which is pictured here, however I soon realized that I needed to "rework" the rail shortly after it was complete. (which is why you'll see pictures from the first, and the reworked rail of my first table) As I started building more rails, I modified my original process of cutting the foam, and pulling and stapling the vinyl, to get the uniform look I was after. First comes the foam. There are 3 different basic schools of thought for cutting the foam for your rail.


Table Building Resources

Many other resources on the Internet exist, the best of which are listed here:

Scott's Poker Table: http://www.scottkeen.com/forum/ 
This is, hands down, the best resource on the internet for discussions, question, answers, etc. Scott has an awesome discussion forum with thousands of users who contribute to the forum with ideas, discussions, pictures, plans, etc. If there is a question that you still have after reading here, then it will be answered in Scott's forum.

Home Poker Tourney: http://www.homepokertourney.com/tables_build.htm 
HPT has an extensive page listing of plans, tables, builders, images, etc. If you are looking for other plans, octagon, or other plans, check out HPT's main table building page.

The Perfect Man Cave: http://www.perfectmancave.com
PMC is a site dedicated to all things man. Once you build your table, where are you going to put it? Inside the Perfect Man Cave of course. Visit PMC and check out all things DIY for the man. Poker Tables, Home Theater, Wet Bars, Kegerators, Audio / Video, Gaming, etc. etc. It's all things man. 

I could continue to list site after site, however if you visit those listed above, and read the content, all of your questions will be answered. 


Poker Table Gallery

Poker Table Gallery, images, etc.

Gallery of my tables

(my first table, my short handed table,
and my heads up table)

Gallery of other tables
I've built

(that I remember to take pictures of)

Gallery of other tables
people have built

(other builders send me their work!
Some great idea generators in here)